Process 'rate' 100% CPU utilization

  • Hey,

    using pfSense since many years, abolutely happy with it. Last week I installed a new pfSense in my Office and found a odd thing today, one CPU was running at max. since now 16H+ I found that the "rate" process is causing this.

    First I thought it might be the WebFrontend stats causing it but even when not logged in and restartet the web UI by console it still consume the CPU.

    I ran a TOP and some other Informations here:

    Any tipp for me where to look at? There is no Rate limiter or Queues configured on this box, just pretty simple 1 WAN + 1 Failover WAN NAT to one LAN + 1 VLAN for Guests. No enhanced magic done :)

    Thanks in Advance for any Ideas.

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