Find out ip which using p2p

  • i'm working in a secondary school, since the hostel always request download something from p2p software, we have set a limited bandwidth for thm to use it and schedule it working after school hour. however sometime thr will b other people try to access it, and yes thy r success to download.Even windows was running under limited account by just copy the whole program to desktop thy can start download.

    i can see thr is a p2pDown in Traffic shaper queue, n sometime it is running a few KB by several people, 1 simple way is just find out the ip using p2p n go catch thm directly. but how to find the ip  ???

  • Hi

    Can't be done by pfSense itself, should you have some sort of an UTM(well, not really an UTM but sort of) things behind the pfSense.
    Check to see if Untangle helps you. I know nothing about Untangle though…


  • you can get the ip if some one use P2P. But you need to Enable UPnP Service on Pfsense. Go to Service and then Enable UPnP. And then if you want to check anyone using P2P or not then go to status and click UPnP. You will see details about these " Port  Protocol  Internal IP  Description ". I hope you can catch those people who use P2P.

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