Peerguardian-like IP Blocking

  • I've done a search of this and seen a post from 2007 on this but I haven't seen anything newer than this.  I know snort would probably work in this scenario but I don't want to run too many processes on my machine.  Right now, i'm running the latest 1.3 alpha alpha build and I had seen were you can add a URL to the Alias tab on a post on these forums but i'm not seeing anything like that with the Alpha builds.  Did this get taken out or just not available in the builds yet?

    What i'm trying to do is block known spam/spyware/trojan ip's and just have them where they are rejected altogether.  Also, blocking out countries would be a nice touch as well.

    Even something as simple as importing a text file with just the IP's you want to block would be nice.

    Thanks for being awesome and pfsense is definitely the best.

  • Its not yet exported to the gui.

  • Oh, nice… thanks for the quick reply...  I'm looking forward to this one.

  • Any update on progress, with this feature?

  • I would very much like something like this!

  • I love PeerBlock (newer version of PerrGuardian), and was just thinking about this sort of feature on a firewall.  I wonder if it would be possible to have a package that could stay updated with the lists of known "bad" addresses?

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