Centurylink IPv6 issues

  • I have been searching up and down Centurylink and Pfsense on trying to get ipv6 working.

    Most sites recommend the following settings to get it working:

    IPv6 Configuration Type:  6rd
    6rd prefix:  2602::/24
    6rd Border Relay:
    6rd IPv4 Prefix:  0

    However I have yet to get it working on my pfsense router. I suspect the reason is that I am using IPoE instead of the PPPoE that most of these older websites cover setting up. Any suggestions or has anyone else got it working?

  • Strangely it is working now. However it appears that pfsense is flagging the gateway as down even though ipv6 traffic is passing through the router…

  • I have the same issue on CL with 6rd enabled WAN_6RD is offline.  I can ping ipv6 addresses, and http://test-ipv6.com/ shows 10 of 10, but some sites like www.xfinity.net won't load.  I have static ipv4 with PPPOE.  IPv6 Wan is set to 6rd and lan IPv6 is set to Track Interface. My IPv6 Prfix ID  on Wan and Lan are both set to 0.

  • For anyone else reading this thread, I also had to configure my WAN interface for VLAN 201, set my WAN MTU to 1472 and MSS to 1448 then set my LAN interface MSS to 1448.

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