Help on WAN em0

  • Hi,

    I was hoping for some genius to help me with my setup, I currently have openreach modem which
    i purchased instead of using the new bt home hub, i thought this would be better as its only a modem
    only not router modem, I have a 4 port nic card, i did auto detect on wan and lan and they been assigned
    however when i go back into interfaces it still show em0 as available and i think this is why i am getting a
    private address on the  gateway WAN but on the other WAN window is the external, also the internet goes
    down the very next day and the only way to get it back up is take ethernet out off the openreach modem
    wait until the DSL light goes solid and then reinsert the ethernet cable any help would be very much greatly

    Kind Regards,

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