Another VLAN Best Practices Question

  • I apologize that this is a question that gets asked a lot but I am looking for a bit of advice as it relates to my specific situation.

    My primary sources of reference and the network I am trying to mimic are:

    Here is a super high level overview of my network:

    • Verizon FIOS "Instant Internet" 750/750 but provisioned as full gigabit FTTH

    • pfSense box which has a two port Intel GBe PCI-e NIC and an on-board Realtek GBe NIC (Total of 3 physical GBe interfaces)

    • ZyXEL GS1900-24E Managed Switch

    • Verizon G1100 "Quantum Gateway" to be relegated to a MoCA Bridge for TV related services

    • Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO WAP

    I want to make use of VLAN's and do some network segregation for things like IoT devices, etc.

    Initially I was planning to simply use the two Intel ports for WAN/LAN and after some reading I am questioning my approach and looking for some recommendations.

    Approach 1:

    Intel NIC for WAN
    Intel NIC for LAN with VLANs also on this interface
    Realtek NIC for DMZ with Verizon gateway on it and create a DMZ just for the MoCA Network

    Approach 2:

    Intel NIC for WAN
    Intel NIC for VLAN Trunk port and VLANs only (including a DMZ VLAN for MoCA)
    Realtek NIC for LAN (only used for pfSense management gui?)

    Approach 3:

    Intel NIC for WAN
    Intel NIC for LAN with VLANs (including a DMZ VLAN for MoCA)
    Realtek NIC unused

    Again I apologize that this question might have been answered before.  I am very new to pfSense and not really all that advanced when it comes to networking in general so I am just trying to get a sanity check to make sure I do this right.

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