Route internet traffic through webfilter

  • Hi,

    I have I think a simple routing question, but I cannot figure out the answer to my puzzle.

    I have a PFSense as router/firewall with several vlans. All vlan's don't have a upstream gateway, except WAN which is the default gateway.

    I'm looking at untangle as antivirus/web protection appliance. untangle needs to be placed in line as transparent firewall. Untangle is a virtual appliance on my VMWare platform.

    What I want to acchieve is that some vlans route the internet traffic through untangle to the internet. Basically it's client –> pfsense vlan gateway --> untangle in --> untangle out --> pfsense wan.
    All vlans have pfsense wan as the default gateway.

    What is the best way to make sure the internet traffic is routed first through untangle?



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