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  • Hi all,

    My pfsense server have WAN and Lan port. When the wan port down, can pfsense mark down the lan port automatically? or When the lan port down, can pfsense mark down the wan port automatically? Please advise.


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  • Hi,

    We have two brand firewall (PFsense + other brand), we cannot configure the CARP. Therefore we need to shutdown the PFsense Lan port manually when the Wan have issue. If pfsense can mark down the lan port when the wan port have issue. We can reduce the network downtime.


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    No, that is not possible. You have to use CARP for preemptive failover. You cannot trigger a firewall to fail because a WAN failed in the way you describe without using CARP. And even then, that only covers a physical failure not a gateway failure.

    You need to setup a proper HA cluster with the same WAN(s) connected to both units.

    It doesn't matter if the brands of the firewall don't match, you can still use HA on there with CARP, the only limit might be that you can't use pfsync for state synchronization.

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