• Hello i have a firewall pfsense with 2 WAN ports, connected to two different optical fiber lines.
    The first line has one static IP address and the second line has another static IP address.
    I created three gateways group, the first with tier 1 and 1 (balancing), the second with tier 1 and 2 (1 failover) and the third tier with 2:01 (failover 2).
    I created three rules in the LAN where I set the 3 gateways group.
    Finally I created the first rule 1: 1 NAT for WAN1 and the IP address of the line 1.
    When I I place such as a speedtest, the band displayed is correct and is the sum of the bandwidth of the two lines, but the IP address is sometimes the IP of the first fiber connection, and sometimes that of the second fiber connection.
    Is there a way to prevent the firewall to change the IP address (always use the first), except in the case of failover?