Squid Cache on a external HD

  • Hi there,

    I have installed pfSense 1.2 full on a embedded system it all works fine.

    I have add the package (Squid) so I can use it also as proxyserver.

    The problem is that the flash card is only 1 GB  so I want to add an external HD (USB) to store the cache and logs of Squid.

    I tried several commands to mount the disk but it comes back with: Incorrect superblock.

    I don’t now how to solve this problem.

    I hope someone can help me!



  • "Incorrect superblock" means that the hard disk is not partitioned/formatted properly for use with pfSense.
    You'll need to partition it (e.g. using the pfSense installer or a FreeBSD computer) and then try mounting it again.

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