Trying to view the DCHP configuration on my VPN interfaces

  • I am sure there is a simple command to view the DHCP configuration on my VPN interfaces when they are connected but I have had no luck finding it. I know "ifconfig -a" can give me the IP and gateway, but is there a switch to give me the DHCP assigned DNS servers as well? :-[


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    What OS is your client?  You should check your vpn client connection log to see what was handed to the client from the server.

  • I apologize, I may not have been clear. My pfSense box has OpenVPN tunnels to both IPVanish and VyprVPN. I route all traffic from my home through one or the other. Golden Frog, the company that provides VyprVPN also provides a service called VyprDNS. This is reported to be a anonymous DNS service that does not collect client information. Ideally I would like to route all DNS requests through the VyprVPN interface to the VyprDNS servers but the company will not provide the DNS server addresses and pfSense is not "officially" supported. Hence, I would like to view the client configuration assigned by their DHCP.


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    "I would like to view the client configuration assigned by their DHCP."

    Look in your openvpn log as you connect to the server..  Here I just restarted a vpn connection I have to one of my vps

  • Thank you! I was able to find the server address in the OpenVPN log.

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