LCDProc and adafruit USB + Serial Backpack

  • Hi, hopefully you can help me. Im building up my pfsense router and im added a 16 by 2 lcd display connected to a adafruit USB + Serial Backpack ( to a usb port on my motherboard (Jetway JNF592-Q170)

    When the pc powers up i get a quick message on the lcd saying the baud rate of 9600 and contrast (so i know the adapter and lcd are working together happy)
    Im using the latest PFsense build and downloaded the LCD Proc package using the built in package manager.

    I then get the following when i connect the display.
    Although i have no idea what it means by the cm over data bit.

    Ive read that i should add 'ttyU0' as an option so ive edited the following

    case "ttyU0":


    case "ttyU0":
    				$realport = "/dev/ttyU0";

    Added: (dont forget the , on the line above)

    'ttyU0' => 'USB COM port ttyU0 (/dev/ttyU0)'

    so i then went to the actual LCD proc setup and set it up like this:
    Com port ttyUO
    Display size 2 x 16
    Driver Matrix Orbital
    Display type LKD
    Has adjustable backlight off (ive heard that can cause issues)

    I then saved and rebooted and no joy just a blank green display (no blocks or anything) ive also tried ugen0.2 and ugen 0.3 and still no joy.

    Ive even told it not to start automatically and then rebooted and started manually and i got the following

    can anyone help at all. There is another person on here with the same display so it must work.

    Kind regards


  • The Adafruit displays are MatrixOrbital compatible and are now fully supported by the LCDproc pfSense package. No manual edits should be necessary.

    Maybe try another com port setting; I was barking up the wrong tree here for a while; tty sounds wrong; mine was /dev/cuaU0.

    You can use printf with pipe to display to manually test that the display is working. In the post I show how to change the display color. You can use those commands for testing that you are addressing the correct port.

  • Hi revengineer

    Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delay in getting back. Ill give it a try tonight. Would be great to get my router finished. ive made a custom CNC case for it and its just sitting on my desk at the mo.


  • Nice bezel. I opted for Adafruit's $5 acryllic stand because I wanted the display visible on my desk rather than hiding it with my firewall. This also means that I am using a regular external USB cable to hook up the display. To make sure that your connection is good, I recommend that you start testing with LCDproc disabled, simply piping print commands to the USB port. This will show that your connection is good and that you have identified the right port.

  • Hi, revengineer

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help. I tried it late last night and its worked perfectly. I tried /dev/cuaU0 just as you said and it worked. I had tried all the ports before but i dont think at the time i had set the panel to lkd so i wonder if that did not help.
    Im now hoping the get the keyboard options in LCD proc to work. Hopefully it will be just normal keyboard keys that it uses so i can just make get a little micro controller to imitate a usb keyboard and send the right ascii codes.

    Thanks again


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