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  • I don't know if this is just me, but I can not seem to find out what time my PFSense Router thinks it is.  I was trying to look over my log entries and they had future times, but it took me a while just to find out that the time zone was set to africa.  Does anyone else think it would be helpful to have the time on the home screen and the logs area?

  • System–>general setup?

  • Yeah, that is where I found out that the timezone was set for africa… but on mine there is no actual time.  I can not see if there was a problem connecting to the NTP server and the time is completely off or when I log on for the first time and don't think about the timezone I do not see that the time is off on the home page.

    Do other people have the time on their's?

  • I was also looking for such a thing and came up empty-handed.  (No, the current time isn't on the System->General Setup page, just the timezone.)  I eventually had to ssh into the machine to see what time it thought it was.

    I was meaning to add it to the feature request list but haven't gotten around to it yet.  :-)

  • You can get the time from the Status > System logs page, from the logs themselves. There is also a "OpenNTPD" tab that logs that side of things.

    But yes it would be nice to have the current time/date on the front page/dashboard.

  • You could ssh to your pfSense box (winscp or ctrl+l in ubuntu)
    edit /usr/local/www/index.php
    make a new line before

    System Overview

    and add

    exec("/bin/date", $dateOutput, $dateStatus);
    $currentDate = $dateOutput[0];

    and change



    Platform / Current Date


  • Another way to get the time is:

    PFSense Menu -> Diagnostics -> Command

    In the section titled PHP Execute in the Command text area box type the following:
    echo date('r');

    Then press the 'Execute' button and you will see the time and date.

  • hmmm Not that I dislike PHP, but I tried just using date in the shell code area and I got 11:46 UTC and it is 7:46 ET  anyone know if those are the same?

  • Prolly as php date will show UTC time.
    If you execute " date " in Execute Shell command or goto http://yourpfsenseip/status.php
    you will see your local time.

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