DUAL WAN & Policy Based Routing

  • Hey Folks, I am new to pfsense and before I switch over I am trying to outline my config so I can have minimal downtime.

    Here is my situation.  I have 2 WAN connections, and want to set them up as failover so if WAN1 fails it switches to WAN2.  This seems straight forward enough from my reading.  What isn't clear is if I have this setup, can I still do policy based routing and force certain clients (either by IP or MAC) through the failover WAN2?

    So to clarify, WAN1 will always be active and WAN2 will be used as a failover.  But two clients should use the failover exclusively ( and

    To make this a little more complicated, I want to set up OpenVPN to connect to WAN1.

    Is this possible?

  • Yes this is possible.  In your Firewall > Rules > <<network>> Select the rule.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on advanced.  Then go to Gateway and change it from default to the WAN link that you want.

    You will also have to do this for your fail over as well since you will need to create a gateway group to send traffic to the gateway group instead of the default gateway. </network>

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