DHCP connection issues with Zmodo and NVR

  • Last month I installed a networked camera system purchased from Zmodo. I had issues with the cameras not initializing on the NVR and tried everything I could think of to resolve the issue. On a standalone system the cameras initialized fine and appeared on the NVR but not with pfSense.

    As of today, I have resolved the issue when I looked into the camera's settings and seen that the domain name got cut off. I attempted static IP removing the domain name to find that it resolved the issue. I reset the camera back to DHCP and returned to pfSense. Because I use a home network, I was able to login to pfSense, go to Services, then selected DHCP Server, selected the network port, then located domain name, and proceeded to shorten the domain name. After restarting the Zmodo NVR, all of the cameras initialized and were up and running.

    Apparently, Zmodo cameras have a set limit of characters that can be set in the domain name field.

    I just wanted to post this in the event someone else has the same issue.

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