Unable to check for updates & package manager broken after reinstall and restore

  • Full backup of my 2.3.3p1 was restored to another disk on the same firewall hardware. Everything works except for System Update (error: Unable to check for updates ) and Package Manager (exclamation marks beside each package.)

    • It was working fine before the restore.

    • From console, pkg update works fine.

    • Toggling which branch I'm pointed at doesn't make any difference.

    pkg: No package(s) matching pfSense-kernel-*
    All repositories are up-to-date.
    ERROR: Unable to compare version of pfSense-repo
    curl updates.pfsense.org

    I can't find errors anywhere. None of the older similar threads seem to have anything that applies. I'd appreciate tips on where to look or what to poke.

  • Anyone?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What do you mean by "full backup"? Just a copy of config.xml? Or did you attempt some sort of full-disk image or archive?

    From the little output you have shown, it is missing a kernel package somehow. You can reinstall one easily. If it is a normal installation (VGA console), run:

    pkg install pfSense-kernel-pfSense

    If that doesn't help, post the output of this command and we can see what else is missing:

    pkg info

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