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  • I'm new to Pfsense and this will be my first build. Ive been lurking around the forum doing research for quite some time and finally decided to take action. I'm looking for recommendations on hardware for my build.  I initially wanted to go with the C2758 but having a hard time considering cost and age of that chip. After months of reading, I think I'm somewhere between an i3-7100 and the G4620.

    I have 100/10 connection at my home, but I'd like to put together something that can handle gigabit coming in the near future. I'd like to set up openVPN with the max throuput I can get and try several of the other packages pfsense offers.  Which of the two Chips would be the better choice?

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    G4620 is a great chip and will serve you well.

  • Thanks for the response! Will the G4620 be able to do IDS/IPS at gigabit speeds and gigabit VPN, or will I need something more powerful? could you suggest something?  I've done a fair bit of research and reading, but it gets a bit overwhelming.

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    Oh no not a chance.

    OpenVPN will not achieve gigabit speeds on a single thread. At least not with any hardware that I'm aware of.

    IDS/IPS is also a huge CPU hog.

    If you want gigabit with IDS/IPS and really fast VPN, then you need something like a modern i7 with high clock speeds, and you still won't get gigabit VPN.

    Unless money is no object to you, then getting an i7 or high clock xeon for a home use firewall is probably not worthwhile.

    That's why I recommend the Pentium. You will get very good performance out of it and it will be reasonably priced. You could get the i3 for more money but it will probably not have any meaningful impact on performance. So you can keep spending money on increasingly diminishing returns or buy compromise, the choice is yours.

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