SOLVED Trouble with Web Server Load Balancing - Can't get initial config working

  • Version: 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1

    Issue: I can't get the initial config working for a simply web server load balancer

    I've tried creating a VIP and also not using a VIP and hitting the public IP directly, no luck.

    WAN IP: (Yes, i have a full /24 subnet of public IP's to choose from with my ISP in the data center)
    LAN IP:
    Public IP for Web Traffic:

    1. Create LB Pool
    -Insert the IPs for Web1, Web2, and Web3
    2. Create the LB Virtual Server
    -Insert an IP of (and I've also tried the VIP
    3. Create a firewall rule
    -Allow all traffic on port 80 FROM SOURCE (any) TO DESTINATION ( - Didn't work
    -Or, if using VIP, create NAT rule FROM SOURCE (any) TO DESTINATION ( REDIRECT TO ( all traffic on port 80 - Semi-worked: Found active states, but TCP connection closed immediately

    I read a tutorial which said to create NAT rules for Web1, Web2, and Web3, however that defeats the purpose of a LB. If one goes down, or if I disable the monitor protocol on that server so the LB removes it from the pool, I believe that the NAT rule will still pass traffic to it.

    Any help please?

    ANSWER: I needed to add a catch all firewall rule on WAN for all port 80 traffic. Didn't need the VIP

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