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  • I really want to build my own pfsence router but have a few questions before I start.
    What I want to do is build the router with a built in vpn so all my devices, wired or wirless, will be on the vpn. What I am going to do is have my isp provided modem going to my pfsence router, from there I have an unmanaged switch which feeds all my pcs and gaming consoles and also an access point. I saw a YouTube video that mentioned a vlan to connect an access point. With my switch it does not support vlan. Will what I want to do work or will I have to buy a dual port nic card to "split" my outgoing connections with one going to my switch and the other to my access point, and will my wireless devices also be on the vpn since the vpn software will be on my router?

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    In the absence of VLANs you can have one network per physical port, so if you have two ports then you have WAN & LAN, if you have three then WAN, LAN, OPT1.

    So yes if you only have two ports and you want a third subnet then you need to either buy another NIC or buy a switch that supports VLANS, which can be had for ~$25.

    You can do what you described with VPNs, it's called "policy based routing"

  • So does the router have to be on its own port or will it work off my current switch?

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