DNS Resolver with Port FOrwarding

  • Hi there

    Im pretty new to all this DNS forwarding stuff.  We have been using DNS resolver instead of forwarder (i believe that is the better way to do it) for one of the machines on our network, however this is using the same port.  I have another machine on our network that i would like to redirect interally

    From the internet i use port forwarding with dyn dyns
    so say

    goes to

    however im not sure how to use dns resolver to do the port redirection internally.  is that something i do in the firewall rules on the LAN interface?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    dns be it forwarder or resolver has ZERO to do with port forward..

    Why are you changing the port on the forward?  666,666 is not even a valid port ;)  what is running on 3454??  Why do you not just forward 3454?

  • Yeah i know its not a valid port :P

    security through obscurity.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "security through obscurity.  "

    Is NOT security.. ;)

    And again dns has zero to do with ports..  And this box is internal, why would it not just go to the standard port.. It does not need nat reflection or forwarding.. Its internal.  It just need to resolve the FQDN to the rfc1918 address  If that is the port the application normally uses you shouldn't even have to tell the application/software the port.

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