Sg-1000 mini ups

  • Working on a solution to make a mini UPS about the same size as the SG-1000.  Maybe even make a case that snaps to the SG-1000.

    Following are planned features:

    Output 5v 3Amp can be adjusted

    Power adapter higher volt/amp plugs into battery case and battery plugs into SG-1000

    On fail to battery via micro USB serial write command to shutdown from radionics or raspberry-pi

    Possible additional:

    Battery to send email notification (assumes isp modem is on battery)

    I am looking at $250 for a prototype and $70 for additional units.

    Anybody interested in joining the project?  This could be sized for different devices.

    Where these untits are going a large ups does not make sense so the reason for this

  • my prototype mini ups is in.  Connects via serial to initiate shutdown when it senses power failure.  Just need to solder input and output plugs and test!

  • Banned

    very cool

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