PfSense configuration in openstack

  • Can someone help me how to set up the configuration for the pfSense in Openstack? I am trying to configure pfSense in Openstack environment. I created the pfSense instance. I attached another interface to that instance. While configuring I can see vtnet0 and vtnet1. I assigned vtnet0 to WAN and vtnet1 to LAN but I cannot use the LAN IP. I cannot ping or curl that LAN ip outside the pfsense instance. I am just starting with the basics, I want to block the other instances from pinging pfSense IP.

  • Hi, I'm also trying to use PfSense inside OpenStack.
    I'm able to start the VM and the interfaces seem to be configured correctly. Anyway I'm always having an error running pfctl -o basic -f /tmp/rules.debug

    /tmp/rules.debug:18: cannot define table bogons: Invalid argument
    pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded

    Have you faced this?

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