Advice for VOIP shaping in multi-LAN environment

  • Thanks for your time. I wanted get your input on the specific traffic shaping schedulers/algorithms that I should consider. I'll outline my goals and then provide an overview of my network.


    Primary goal:  Prioritize VOIP traffic. I have a home VOIP line and AT&T microcell. The call quality gets destroyed during heavy internet use. I would expect no more than 4 concurrent users.

    Secondary goal: De-prioritize VPN traffic (although, I am willing to skip this goal if it would over-complicate things).

    My Network

    • Current release of pfSense x64

    • Supermicro SYS-5018A-FTN4 with 16G ECC ram

    • 2x Juniper ex2200, "stacked" in a virtual chassis

    • Comcast, consumer grade internet (130 mbps down, 12 mbps up). Pings to average 20-30ms.

    • Single physical WAN interface, although there are two gateways (one for OpenVPN traffic, and one for everything else)

    • "LAN" side of traffic:

    –--- 4x front-facing interfaces are bundled in LACP to Juniper ex2200 switch

    ----- LACP bundle is a trunk of 7 VLANs; VLANs are given separate "logical" interfaces within pfsense

    ----- One of the VLANs exclusively carries the desired VOIP traffic

    ----- One of the VLANs exclusively carries traffic bound to the OpenVPN tunnel


    I would appreciate your input in creating the following:

    High Priority: VLAN with VOIP traffic

    Middle Priority: Regular traffic

    Low Priority: VLAN with OpenVPN traffic [although, we can skip this priority level, if it would over-complicate things]

    Thanks for your time.

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