XTM 510 - fan on PSU dead… / low profile cooler?

  • Hello Crew…

    Got my hands on a XTM 510 series, got it upgraded to an E4500 and 4G of ram and a 320G WD black 7200 RPM laptop drive.

    While working on the system tonight the PSU was darn hot to the touch (top cover off) and i realized the fan was not working for the PSU, dead as dead can be.

    So was thinking, do i just replace it with something maybe quieter that comes in a 2 pin cable? Iam working to get the fan controller mod going but having some issues and not sure if it controls the PSU fan anyways..

    Or do i consider a picoPSU for this system?  Has anyone used one and not had any issues?

    On another note, has anyone put in a low profile CPU cooler to replace the back 2 fans and shroud completely?

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    The PSU fan is not software controllable, certainly not from the mainboard. I don't think it is thermally controlled at all.

    I would probably replace it with an equivalent model, possibly one designed to be quieter. (Carefully! Shock risk etc!  ;))

    The rear fans and shroud is a superior cooling strategy to a low profile fansink in my opinion. Certainly in a device that at least has potential to generate some heat. It actually removes the hot air from the enclosure rather than just stirring it around inside. The other components on the board are kept cooler as a result. You would likely still want fans on the rear to extract the hot air in general which removes the point.  ;)


  • Good points, i do have some small 40mm artic fans, but need 2 more to cover the back. Makes sense to pull the air out vs just kick it around in the case.

    Trying to make this as silent as possible as right now it sits next to my desk. The PSU does get pretty warm, will test it with the 40mm i have just to see if it can keep the air flowing out.

    I was hoping to toss a quad core in it if it can keep cool enough as i would love to do snort and other add-ons and the E4500 may struggle, although i do only gave a 30/5Mbps link right now, but thinking in a years time.

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    The E4500 will have no issues at 30/5 for sure. I've found it to be quite capable though I only use it for occasional testing.

    If you want quiet the picoPSU with external power brick is definitely quieter.  ;)


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