Firewall rule to hit my VPN (outer) traffic

  • I have my tinc running on pfSense.

    Unlike OpenVPN, which has control over gateway group, VPN runs on, tinc does not and it goes via default gateway

    Now I need to add failover line which is metered but way less congested LTE to pass my Tinc traffic over it

    I can't find the way to add it since it is not going via LAN

    Did some tcpdump-ing, it runs on my WAN


    my_wan_ip:tinc_port -> remote_ip:tinc_port
    remote_ip:tinc_port-> my_wan_ip:tinc_port


    my_wan_ip:some_high_port  -> remote_ip:tinc_port
    remote_ip:tinc_port-> my_wan_ip:some_high_port

    Where "tinc_port" - port I set up in settings (==have control over)
    some_high_port - some port > 60000 chosen by tinc on pfsense.

    It seems like there is no control over this high port.

    But the main issue, where to set this rule with gateway override?

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