Central Management of Firewall Rules

  • Hi Guys,

    for now I´m writing my Bachelor Thesis and my Project is to develop or find a way to manage the Firewallrules of some pfSense from a Central Pfsense. The pfSense are connected via OpenVPN and I must change the rules from the central pfSense. The "High Avail. Sync" method is not a solution, because it overrides the rules and deletes the available rules.

    And now I need some help or suggestion of you guys to complete my Project.

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is currently no API or method for central management. XMLRPC from High Avail. Sync is as close as you'll get with what is built-in currently.

    We are working on one, however, but it's not yet available.

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