PfSense BIND and CNAME Quandry

  • I have a pfSense box that I'm going to migrate my LAN's primary DNS to.

    The current master is a ubunitu 16.04LTS box.  It will become a secondary once the migration is complete.

    So far I'm created a single zonefile on pfSense, manually.


    All A records resolve as one would expect.

    What gets weird is CNAME records.

    For example, I have a host named 'gateway' (FQDN gateway.kc.corp)

    I created a A record for 'gateway' of (which is the pfsense box)

    I created a CNAME pointing of 'gw' pointing to gateway.kc.corp.

    gateway (or FQDN) resolves fine from a workstation

    gw fails on pfSense.

    NSLookup does not return a value for it unless I set the q=cname.

    C:\Users\Tech>ping gw
    Ping request could not find host gw. Please check the name and try again.

    Default Server:  UnKnown
    Address: -> remember, this is the pfsense box.

    Server:  UnKnown

    *** UnKnown can't find gw: Non-existent domain

    set q=cname
    Server:  UnKnown

    gw.kc.corp  canonical name = 6BH3S52
    kc.corp    nameserver = 6BH3S52.kc.corp
    kc.corp    nameserver = X7DWE.kc.corp
    X7DWE.kc.corp      internet address =
    6BH3S52.kc.corp    internet address =

    Any ideas?

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    "Server:  UnKnown

    You don't even PTR for your own networks.. Ie server unknown.. I would fix the basics before moving on ;)

    gw.kc.corp  canonical name = 6BH3S52

    Huh???  WTF is that?  Post up you zone file and bind config if you have questions on bind.

  • I believe I've found my issue.

    I think it all boils down to the $ORIGIN option.

    In standard "master file format" files if you don't add the trailing '.' then the name is assumed to be relative to the current zone file's $ORIGIN (which is either specified in the zone file, or taken from the zone statement in named.conf otherwise).

    My pfsense Bind installation is appending a "." after my CNAMEs (in the file, not the web interface).  The . makes the name be relative to the root, without it, it the name will be relative to the current zone. The standard zone format is defined in rfc1035 and rfc1034.

    A workaround?  Use FQDN for the CNAME.

    In the very possible senerio I'm missing something, here is my named.conf:

    _**#Bind pfsense configuration
    #Do not edit this file!!!

    key "rndc-key" {
            algorithm hmac-md5;
            secret "U2pHDolr0KZStIQrFOVPTw==";

    controls {
            inet port 953
                    allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; };

    options {
            directory "/etc/namedb";
            pid-file "/var/run/named/pid";
            statistics-file "/var/log/named.stats";
            max-cache-size 512M;
            listen-on-v6 { ::1;  };
            listen-on {;;  };
            notify yes;
            allow-query    { any; };^M
            empty-zones-enable  yes;

    logging {
            channel custom {
                    syslog daemon;
                    print-time no;
                    print-severity yes;
                    print-category yes;
                    severity dynamic;
            category default { custom; };

    acl "kc.corp" {

    view "LAN" {
            recursion yes;
            match-clients { any; };
            allow-recursion { any; };

    zone "kc.corp" {
                    type master;
                    file "/etc/namedb/master/LAN/kc.corp.DB";
                    allow-query { any; };
                    allow-transfer { kc.corp; };
                    allow-update { kc.corp; };

    zone "" {
                    type master;
                    file "/etc/namedb/master/LAN/0.168.192.DB";
                    allow-query { kc.corp; };
                    allow-transfer { kc.corp; };
                    allow-update { kc.corp; };

    zone "." {
                    type hint;
                    file "/etc/namedb/named.root";


    My kc.corp zone file: In it, notice the trailing periods after the CNAME value.  By placing kc.corp after the gw CNAME, it worked as expected.

    _**$TTL 6h
    ; Database file kc.corp.DB for kc.corp zone.
    ; Do not edit this file!!!
    ; Zone version 2
    kc.corp. IN  SOA 6BH3S52.kc.corp. zonemaster.kc.corp. (
    2 ; serial
    1d ; refresh
    2h ; retry
    4w ; expire
    1h ; default_ttl

    ; Zone Records
    @ IN NS 6BH3S52.kc.corp.
    @ IN NS  X7DWE.kc.corp.
    6BH3S52 IN A
    gateway IN CNAME  6BH3S52.
    gw IN CNAME  6BH3S52.kc.corp.
    X7DWE IN A
    SRXC606 IN A
    me IN CNAME  SRXC606.
    N5550 IN A
    ns1 IN CNAME  6BH3S52.
    ns2 IN CNAME  X7DWE.
    NextCloud IN CNAME  X7DWE.
    switch IN A
    p1 IN A
    p2 IN A
    HS1 IN A
    HS2 IN A
    AP1 IN A
    AP2 IN A
    pfsense IN CNAME  6BH3S52.
    VM-Sandbox IN A
    ns3 IN CNAME  N5550.**_

    I did try $ORIGIN kc.corp. in the zone custom options, but it threw and error on zone load of Unknown Option.

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