Is dnyDNS in breaking my WAN and VLANs?

  • We recently upgraded from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3p1

    However, every 24 hours, our firewall goes 'down' on all interfaces from a 'ping' and web access perspective.  Our monitoring server is actually behind the firewall and seems to be able to send alarms about loss of connectivity to WAN, VLANS etc (it is on a VLAN itself).  It is definitely an issue at firewall as we cannot access firewall via the GUI or SSH during its 'outage'.

    Outage last a couple of minutes.

    What seems to happen just prior is this (from log)
    updating dyndns WANGW178 - now this WANG178 is fixed with no dyndns, so why would it try to access dyndns for this gateway?  It the restarts IPSsec tunnels and OpenVPN tunnels/interfaces.

    It is the restarting interfaces that I believe break the connectivity on VLANs interfaces etc.  However, there is no reason to restart a VLAN for a gateway dyndns that does not exist (dnyDNS).

    My dnyDNS listing is empty.  So where is this coming from and did not happen 2.2.1.

    I do have a dnyDNS on the other end of one of the IPSec tunnels - but the this pfsense should not be aware of that.

    Any ideas how to fix?


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