Downloads use one WAN only at a time

  • … yes I know that one TCP connect will only use one WAN... :-) Please keep on reading.


    I just received my second VDSL today and got everything setup. Both WAN links have the same weight and are in the same gateway group with Tier 1. The outbound firewall route points to this gateway group. When I surf I sometimes use WAN1 and sometimes WAN2. So far everything seems to be ok.

    I start SABNZB with 10-20 connections and fire up a download. In the states table I can see outgoing connections for both WANs. However only the connections for one WAN seem to really do something. The others are there and get a few bytes through but only one WAN link is saturated. When I change the rule to use one of the two WAN links I get each saturated but with RoundRobin this does not seem to work for no apparent reason. Do you guys have any idea where to look for? I disabled all traffic shapers in case they cause issues (which with multiple-wan they might do).


  • Turns out everything was working. The other side detected multiple connections from the same account and did not like it.

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