Assign interfaces - All NICs are down - "No link-up detected"

  • Hello

    I'm trying to configure my pfsense for the first time after installing with ZFS via the guide from pfbasic found here;topic=126597.0;msg=699155

    But I keep getting "No link-up detected" on both wan and lan.

    MB - ASRock J3455-ITX
    RAM - 2x4 GB DDR3L HyperX 1866 MHz
    Storage - 2x16 GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0
    NIC i340-T4 quad

    I have attached a picture of what i see, hope it can help.

    Could not attach photo to forum so uploaded it here

  • What I see on setup videos and tutorials is that the cards show up as "(up)" and not "(down)" as in my case. does this have any effect?
    Also even the onboard realtech show as "(down)" which I find strange.

    in a side note, all the Intel NIC ports show up as bootable in the bios, so the MB must have recognized the card right?

    Is there anywhere in the BIOS or somewhere else that I have to to turn on the NICs? (I have looked, but I cant seem to find it)

  • Its working now all of a sudden… dont know what changed from yesterday, apart from powering the system down over night.

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