NAT works on Port80, but not 3389

  • This is an odd one.  I have a working NAT Rule setup with auto created firewall rule, this is on port 80 and it works just fine.  However when I do the very same thing and point at 3389 for RDP, it does not work.  I have verified that port 3389 and RDP are open and enabled respectively and have even redirected to another Windows machine to verify.  PFSense is simply ignoring it!?!  Any ideas of what I might look at here, I'm at a loss..


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    Why anyone in their right mind would open up rdp to the internet is beyond me.. If you want/need to rdp to your boxes behind pfsense then vpn in..

    So you sure your windows machine firewall allow rdp from network other than local.. Out of the box windows machines would be blocking this.

    So you went through the troubleshooting doc?

    You sniffed on pfsense lan or whatever opt interface your windows machines are connected too and verified that your not sending the packets that you got on your wan to your lan..

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    PFSense is simply ignoring it!?!

    No, pfSense is doing what it is being told to do which is apparently incorrect. Or some other issue is keeping it from working. See the above troubleshooting document for a pretty comprehensive list of things to check. And don't just skim them. actually check them all.

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