Is it possible to setup only a single WAN interface with multiple Gateways?

  • HI guys, i am new here as well as i am new working on pfsense i am facing a lil bit problem. Actually i want to setup WAN interface with multiple gateways. I am setting up pfsense on vm ware. Actually this is just my project we need to discover new things. I have an i have an mikrotik router which provide me internet and worked as isp ip= . i just setup pfsense with bridged connection ip= and the upstream gateway for wan is Now i want to attach multiple ip with WAN interface which is to so that i can get maxium speed on pfsense. All these ip's are configure with only 4MB of LINK. Now i want to combine all these ip's on the WAN interface. Please help me out. Thanks me in advance. :)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    " to so that i can get maxium speed on pfsense"

    Yeah it doesn't work that way ;)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, yeah it pretty much doesn't work like that. Unless maybe the upstream provider is artificially limiting you to 4Mbps per IP address in that subnet but allowing you to use multiple IPs.  Like they expect you to be using multiple clients in that subnet for example.

    You still can't combine those IPs to one one link of multiples of 4Mbps but if you have a number of things making connections thought pfSense you could NAT them to a range of IPs on the WAN to get 4Mbps per connection.


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