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  • i just like to ask for any idea on how to setup three pfsense for three different internet service provider because they like it that way, different provider for every department. We have file server and everyone is accessing it. I just like to know how we can setup it and still can access the servers. By the way wee dont use managed switch.

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    Why do you need 3??  Just put your 3 wans to 1 pfsense..

    So are all your departments on the same network?  Via an unmanaged switch?  Then do this.. Seems moronic to me but hey whatever.. How many users/computers in this network.. You have multiple departments with multiple internet connections. But just dumb switches?

    Or every department could be on their own network.. If you have multiple switches and use switch(es) per department.

    In the below setup your hardest part is pointing each machine to the correct pfsense.  Can be done either via static IP, or setting up reservations for each client via dhcp and splitting your scope and and only letting pfsense hand out dhcp to its known clients.

  • While there are advantages, one reason not to put all three WAN's on one pfSense box is that would result in a single point of failure. Hardly "moronic" to want to avoid that.

    I have two WAN's and two pfSense VM's running on two separate hosts. I always have connectivity regardless if there are any software or hardware issues. Each pfSense uses the other as a secondary gateway.

    There are several options when running multiple instances of pfSense. I use the XMLRPC Sync feature to manage most settings on one box and have those automatically configured on the second box. I just configure clients with two default gateways and use wpad to define multiple proxies. You can also use "CARP" for a more seamless fail-over.

    If you just need a "different provider for every department" and don't need fail-over, then under High Availability Sync just enable Configuration Sync and ignore State Sync. There's a long list of settings there that can be automatically sync'd to the other pfSense instances.

    See here:

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    " Hardly "moronic" to want to avoid that."

    Sorry but yeah… If you want HA then setup carp.. With you using each dept with their own ISP.. They all still have a single point of failure.. Your not leveraging the different connections for any sort of failover or ha setup..

    You currently are using CARP with HA setup..  What the OP is asking for is stupid.. doesn't even have a smart switch, etc.

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