Best approach to connect 2 pfSense machines (Master & Backup) to 2 Switches

  • All,

    I have 2 pfSense machines in a HA setup. On each pfSense machine, I have created a LAGG interface using the LACP protocol and assigned it to the LAN interface on each pfSense machine.

    Additionally I have 2 Juniper EX3300 switches in a virtual chassis configuration for HA. I have created a 4 port LACP interface on the Juniper switch consisting of 2 ports from Switch 1 and 2 ports from Switch 2.

    The physical connection between the 2 pfSense machines and the 2 Juniper switches can be found in the attachment.

    For some reason, only the LAGG interface on the pfSense master machine is working.

  • Maybe the best option is to create 2 separate LAGGs that only span 2 ports on each switch. See attachment .

  • Anyone?

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