Dual dns forwader/resolver on pfsense

  • Hi,

    I am using pfblockerng, through DNS resolver and have host override for Safe youtube and safe google.
    Is there a way i can let few static IP's skip the youtube safe settings in the resolver. I tried asking about segregating those ip's but then i have to use bind which i dont know about.
    If there is a way to skip the DMZ (i have lan, opt1, opt2 and dmz), that would help also, as i can put those static IP's on DMZ
    I think it was mentioned somewhere to use port 5353 and use DNS forwader in conjunction with Unbound, but i cant find any tutorial for it. Also, i cant find any way to split the DNS i dont know if that would help. All I want is some computers can visit youtube and dont get blocked for videos. Even pfsense tutorials get blocked by it.
    Any ideas as to where to look for or what to look for would help,
    thanks for the great tutorial.


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