DHCP DNS Redirect/Port Forwarding

  • Hi all,

    I would like to ask your help for a problem with my configuration. I am not sure what I wish to have is possible, but it would be awesome if it would work. I have tried to search a solution but unfortunately with no results which could fix the configuration.

    I am using pfSense in the following setting. I have a interface LAN(regular browsing), interface VPN(for the more secure stuff and also regular browsing) and a interface MEDIA(for accessing some geo-blocked media stuff).

    For the last interface which I call Media I have set up a Smart DNS server in the DHCP settings. I already use unbound for the VPN and LAN stuff, but those do not have the ability to do what the Smart DNS does.

    My wish is to catch all DNS request on the Media interface to use the DNS which I have set up in DHCP/Media interface. The problem I have is that when create a NAT port forwarding rule, the states say that there is no traffic. I applied the same rule on the other interfaces and it does work when the redirect IP is internal. I wish to have the same for the Smart DNS, but I have tried several rules without result.

    The rule is always on top, also port 53 is allowed to communicate. My question is how do I create a rule which catches the DNS requests on interface Media to use the DNS servers I have set up in DHCP server/interface Media? Is it possible to create a port forwarding DNS rule or a similar rule, when having DNS server configured in DHCP server settings?

    Thank you for your help.

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