Pfsense integration into existing network cache and web filter

  • I am trying to work out if this is possible. I currently have a network that has 14 Vlans running on a peplink, trunked through one port, I am wanting to add a Pfsense box inline to act as a web filter and cache,

    My layout in theory is      Peplink as DCHP server for VLans and load balancing–--------------- pfsense for web filtering and cache----------switches for tagging out.

    At the moment I am having issues getting the pfsense to bridge the connection and pass the DCHP with or without Vlans from the peplink. I would like to ask if anyone has any ideas on how to set this up. This would be step one. step two would be integrating the web filter and maybe caching.

    I know I could do all this on pfsense, but I would like this to be added in not a replacement.

    Any help or advice would be greatfull.

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