Problem with connection between to sites using pfsense

  • Hello everybody,
    I want some help with my problem,
    the problem is, I want to make a connection between two sites with leased line using pfsense, this line was configured with the watchguard, but now we want to change this equipement to PfSense,
    I put the internet cable on the WAN interface, and the cable coming from router leased line on the interface LAN 2, and the cable coming from the switch of the site on the LAN 2, when I tried to connect with internet that's work, but when I tried to connect with the other site with the leased line I couldn't.
    please help me to resolve this problem

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well your leased line router is a downstream router.. So did you create a gateway too it, and then put in routes to the other network on the other side of the leased line..

    Would help if you posted up your configs.  site 1 and 2 are not using the same networks are they ;)  What is the tunnel network?

    You sure you just do not have software firewalls on the sites blocking the remote networks access..  What rules do you have on the interface connected to the downstream routers.  What networks are you using for the transit network between the downstream routers and pfsense.

    Going to need some more details to help you figure out what your missing or where you have issue.  So I put in some transit networks and examples of your 2 different networks on your sites.

    So pfsense on left need gateway setup to point to the ip which is the transit to leased line router.  Then needs route that says hey you want to talk to 192.168.1/24 talk to  On the right side network need the reverse.  And also need on the 172.16 interfaces rules that allow traffic from the other sites network..

  • Thanks for your replay, this is all the configuration that we have in our sites

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