Traffic Graphs

  • Hi All

    This maybe a very easy answer or a very stupid question.

    Looking at traffic monitors say for WAN and LAN are the same.  I have a VLAN that i would like to monitor the traffic.

    The VLAN and guest are talking to each other but when i do a migration using vmware the network graph in pfsense barely goes about 1mb when i know to move a machine from host to host its going to use more than this.

    I would like to be able to see current throughput on all my vlans.

    if i select another vlan and a user goes to a website then bang it comes up but for some reason this vlan doesn't.  I'm guessing its because its not sending traffic over the gateway its just telling the traffic where to go?

    Would i need to put this on its own interface and its own switch?

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