Physical Port as Gateway Assigned to DNS Server?

  • I'm new, beyond my depth, and my searches here have failed me.

    The short version:  I'm trying to set up my SG-4860 so that the devices connected to the physical ports (LAN, OPT1 - OPT4) can be assigned as a Gateway to DNS Addresses at System / General Setup / DNS Server Setting /DNS Servers.

    I bit more info:  I've currently got the box set so everything goes through my VPN (AirVPN).  I'd like to have options to connect to the internet in different ways.  Specifically, on occasion, without the VPN.  I found the following guide:

    That's pretty much what I'd like except he has a managed switch and uses VLANs, whereas I don't have a managed switch but I do have those physical ports sitting on the back of the SG-4860.  In his guide, he uses different DNS servers on different VLANs.  I'm working my way through his steps and substituting my physical ports for his VLANs.  Up to a point, I was fine.  Then, he started his process of giving each VLAN it's own DNS Server.  When I try that with the physical ports, I get:

    "The following input errors were detected:

    • A gateway can not be assigned to DNS 'x.x.x.x' server which is on a directly connected network"

    At this point, I don't know how much of a problem this will be.  But, is there any way to work around this?

    EDIT:  Looks like it's doable at Services / DHCP Server / interface_name / Servers / DNS Server.

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