Failover WAN using a 3G USB modem/dongle and NIC possible?

  • Hey guys this is my first time posting a comment on the forums and I really hope that one of you might be able to help me sort out the following question.

    I did some research and it became obvious that a failover WAN setup is possible i'm talking about the following setup:

    ISP A and ISP B both get connected to the pfSense router with a dedicated NIC, when let's say ISP A has a blackout it should switch to using the connection provided by ISP B this would get rid of/minimalize down time for the LAN of the pfSense router…

    Now i am wondering if i can reconstruct this same failover scenario Using only 1 NIC for ISP A and using a 3g/4g Dongle/modem for ISP B.

    This should work the same way, if ISP A that uses the NIC goes down, it should be possible to switch to the USB 3g/4g dongle that uses ISP B.

    Is this possible and if it is could someone point me in the right direction.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  • I'm using this setup right now.
    I set up a ppp connection, with /dev/cuaU0.0  as serial port. apn, phone number, username and password depending on your 3g provider.
    I associated it with an interface.
    I created gateway group and set up policy routing like any other dual wan configuration

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