DynDNS and private wan ip

  • I have a question: Is it possible to change the Dynamic DNS, so it submit my WAN (public) address, as my ISP give me DHCP (10.x IP's)?
    Because when using no-ip.com, it changes my dyn.dns ip to (ex.)

    Anders Hansen

  • It only can see it's real interface IP. If you are somehow natted the pfsense dyndnsupdater won't work for you.
    Dyndns hoster usually offer clients that you can run from a machine inside your lan that contact an external server and ask which public IP it sees. It then will update if the reply is different from the previous request.

  • Ok, thanks… I'm gonna find a client too it.. - saw it on their www - but thought i could use the built-in  ;)

    Anders Hansen

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