Error when upgrading ?

  • Just to tell you that I found an error or a problem that is still here in beta 4. I do not know if it has been yet fixed, I didn't find a post talking about this (I must say I searched less than 5 minutes).

    When you are using the web interface in HTTPS mode you can't upgrade firmware, when clicking Upgrade the page can't be displayed. Going back to HTTP mode allows you to upgrade the firmware correctly. I have 3 pfsenses boxes and all have this problem. It's not blocking since you can always going back to HTTP… but you have to know it ;-)

    Good night guys.

  • My firewalls are all HTTPS and they work just fine with the firmware upgrade page.

    What browser are you using?  It works fine with FireFox.

  • I'm using IE 6.0 or Maxton. I will try with firefox at the next update. It would not be strange that the problem comes from IE ;-)

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