Should i disable the dhcp on my router when i enabled dhcp on pfsense?

  • My setup is pfsense server lan connected to switch and router. Should i disable the dhcp on my router?

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    Impossible to answer with the given information.

    In general there should only be one DHCP server on a given network segment.

  • As Derelict says, only one DHCP server. You need to disable one or the other.

  • Thanks to all! this topic is already SOLVED! Thanks!

  • In general there should only be one DHCP server on a given network segment.

    Actually, that's incorrect.  There may be reasons, such as redundancy for having more than one.  However, in that case, there has to be some means to ensure they don't try to hand out the same addresses.  The easiest way is to divide the address pool among them.  DHCP is designed to work with multiple servers.

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    Come on, man.

    One DHCP server on the network.

    Configuring multiples to work as a team is beyond the scope of this thread.

  • I'm not saying more than one DHCP server is needed on a small network, but many people are of the opinion that you can't have more than one and that's nonsense.  As I mentioned, it is possible and is done for redundancy.  Incidentally, today I was working in the Bell Canada lab, and guess what I saw.  Lots of redundant everything, including DNS servers.  I didn't specifically see them for DHCP, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were there..

    As I mentioned, one issue that may occur with DHCP servers is multiple servers handing out the same address.  These days, the trend is to Duplicate Address Detection, which avoids that problem.  While DAD is mandatory on IPv6 and commonly used on IPv4, you can't guarantee every IPv4 device uses it, so it's best to have different address ranges for each DHCPv4 server.

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