Multi-WAN, but all Clients on one DSL line

  • Hi,
    since quite a while, we have an issue with our WAN connection: most of the time, all clients (several dozen) share one line. The round-robin-distribution among our three DSL lines apparently stopped working. Sometimes, all clients "hop" to another DSL line, so first DSL1 is congested, then all of a sudden DSL2 is congested. I can't precisely say, when this started - maybe with a software update.
    I went through all the instructions in the pfsense HTML book, but didn't find a mistake in our config. The only thing that made round-robin work again temporarily was to disable sticky connections. But then again, of course, onlinebanking etc. refuse to work. Any ideas?

  • You could try out to Change the Trigger level shown here under that link

  • We tried several of those (member down vs. Packet Loss/High Latency) with no improvement.
    Generally I'm unsure how this setting applies as we're not looking for failover, but loadbalancing.

    Any other ideas?