• Sorry for posting this, but I'm not able to find solid examples regarding my issue and I'm not that into PFSense I would like to. Maybe someone can help me with this.

    My ISP is offering Internet via Fiber-channel. What I know is that my ISP uses 2 VLANS. One is 4 for IPTV and the other is 34 for DATA. I have tried to put VLANS on my em0 (which is my WAN) but I'm not able to get any IP from my ISP. There is no MAC restriction on the ISP's fiber so I'm able to put any modem or device on it. Nevertheless I have to use two VLANS on the incomming line (WAN). The Thomson modem does its work but I don't know how and it should be possible to do the same with PFSense to get the same result.

    Does anyone know how to configure this? Do I have to use Groups on my WAN (em0) with the vlans OPT1 and OPT2?

    Any help is very appreciated.

    Please see my schematic for more details.

    Many thanks for any responses.


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    If the traffic coming off the fiberchannel to UTP is tagged 4 and 34, then on your em0 connected to this you would create your 2 vlans with those tags.  Your VLAN would now be your wan in pfsense, not the actual em0.

  • Hi Johnpoz,

    many thanks for your reply. I had this thoughts too, but still can this bring to work. I will try on this further and will report back. In the meantime any suggestions on how to configure this are welcome.


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    Just freaking told you how to configure it ;)  If the traffic is tagged.. Then create a vlan with that tag and its done - that is how it works!  If doesn't work then your not doing it right, or that is not the tags they are using.  Maybe one is tagged and other is not tagged.

    Not sure what your going to do exactly with the IPTV stream into pfsense?

    I would do it this way..

    Break your vlans out with switch, then connect devices you want to the that vlan.

  • That's what I meant  ;D … I'm still doing something wrong, because it's not working and I know for sure its 4 and 34 as my provider told me that, the current modem shows it and I wiresharked it. Something is not adding up here. I should get a IP from the WAN side and that's not the case...... yet  ;)

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    Well are you seeing your discover go out with the tag?  Are you not getting back a offer?  Then contact your ISP.

    I would break it up with a smart switch vs having pfsense do it, since not sure what you think pfsense is going to do with IPTV vlan?  See drawing added to previous post