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    I have imported a config file from an APU1d4 router into a SG-1000 router and after deleting the extra LAN port the device has accepted all settings without reporting errors.
    The issue I am having is that the SG-1000 will not run a one of the Gateways. (The "BridgeGW")

    The faulty gateway is for my Bridge between a Tap VPN client and the Lan. ("BridgeGW")
    Monitor IP:

    The Bridge Interface:
    Static IP:
    IPv6: None

    Wan Interface:
    Static IP:

    Other Interfaces (All set to IPv4: None & IPv6:None)

    DHCP Server:
    Bridge: - 109

    Static Routes:    Gateway:VPN1 Gateway -   Interface: VPN1

    BridgeGW:  Interface:Bridge00    Gateway:    Monitor IP:
    VPN1_GW: Interface: VPN1          Gateway:    Monitor IP:
    WAN_GW:  Interfface: WAN          Gateway:    Monitor IP:

    • All interfaces are up
    • The VPN1 Tap is connecting to the server (An APU1d4 router) with:
             VPN Server Tunnel Settings:  IPv4 networks that will be accessible from the remote endpoint:

    I get an error in the System logs:
    System Logs/System/Gateways:  "BridgeGW Alarm latency 0us stddev 0us loss 100%"
    System Logs/System/Routing "no auto-selected prefix on interface cpsw1, disabling advertisements.

    This config works well on an APU1d4 Netgate Router. Any ideas why this micro-firewall is failing the gateway?

  • I am having a similar problem. Did you ever find a solution to this?


  • Rebel Alliance

    Sorry for the belated reply.

    The answer is not specific and definitive.
    It appears that FreeBSD is more stringent on the rules it will accept for routing than is NanoBSD.

    Look at the way your routes and gateways function.

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