Reboot required if internet goes down

  • Hello!

    I have a rather annoying problem that I need help with. If my internet goes down (fiber box's WAN light stop shining) for more than a minute or so, when it comes back online my pfSense box needs rebooting for internet work again. I've waited up to 20 minutes to see if pfSense would pick up the internet but it doesn't. This was never a problem with a standard Asus-router.

    pfSense is running under Esxi with a dual port Intel NIC passthroughed.

    Please let me know what other information you need to help me diagnose this since I don't know where to begin.


  • check gateway status, check logs, post logs

  • Gateway status says Offline but there is an IP there.

    The first log entry when it goes offline is this; Apr 23 12:13:03 dpinger WAN_DHCP sendto error: 65

    It just keeps going until I reboot, even if internet is back on the modem.

  • I find that when dpinging fails too many times it a row, it never recovers. Restarting the "dpinger Gateway Monitoring Daemon" is all that is needed, don't reboot the entire firewall. I also changed the settings to not clear out the states when an interface goes down. While the Internet comes up and everything else works, dpinger keeps claiming 100% loss until the service is restarted.

    Not to say my situation is the same as yours, but it sounds awfully close.

  • I am so frustrated with this issue and cannot seem to get help anywhere. My default gateway keeps going offline after one minute ( that’s after the WAN id disable and the enabled). I have tried reinstalling PFSense a total of around ten time, thinking that I did something wrong during the installation with no luck. Am I  the only person with this issue, the strange thing is that no one can answer or help.

  • Hi,

    Start to collect easy facts :
    Stop using a VM, use a dedicated device.
    Swap LAN and WAN.
    What kind of brands, your NIC's ?
    When you put in place another router/firewall, the problem disappears  ?

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