Static to Static cannot ping, tunnel is up

  • Hello All,
    I am doing some testing with PFSENSE.  I have 2 pfsense standalone firewalls. I have a ipsec tunnel up between the 2 firewalls.  I cannot ping or traceroute to laptops on either side. Can i ping the firewall itself?  When i look at the routes why dont i see any reference to the tunnel itself?  I also want to put a cisco 3500xl with routing and multiple subnets behind one of the firewalls. Will i be able to route traffic through the tunnel?  I am new to pfsense and i wish via the web interface it showed more information as to where my traffic is going. If anyone can help that would be appreciated.  I think this is something simple but my newbieness to pfsense is most likely the prob.  Thanks in advance.


  • Found out that the firewall must be opened which is not mentioned anywhere in the tutorial.  You must go to the ipsec tab under rules and open up the things you want to communicate.  Now i am just wondering how to properly route traffic.

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