Help - pfSense suddenly stopped working correctly

  • Hello everyone

    Currently i have a really big problem. My pfSense should run because of server resources. On the pfSense, there is a cable wan and a adsl wan for failover. I'm running this setup for about one year now, without any issues. Today, my cable provider had problems, which are solved now, but my pfSense box has really strange behavior now: Suddenly i can't access the webgui and no internet is availavle. After a reboot, everything works fine - sometimes for 5 minutes, and sometimes for about an hour - then again no internet connection and no access to the webgui. I can access the box via ipmi, i checked also the logs, but i cant find anything. Seems this to be a hardware issue? Does someone have a tip for me?

    Edit: I forgot to say, that i'm using the nut package for my UPS, which is connected via usb to the pfSense…if this matters.

    Edit2: pfSense version is the latest stable and my box runs on dedicated hardware (no virtualization)

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  • Revert to yesterday's config before you messed it up?
    Honestly, you don't even tell which version you run.

    From the statement "should run because of server resources" I assume this to be a virtual install, right?

  • Sorry, totally forgot that information. pfSense is the latest stable version and it runs on a dedicated machine without virtualization. I have no config from yesterday…and also nothing changed since a few weeks (whichis my latest backup of the config).

  • And what do you see via IPMI when your machine is not reachable via LAN?
    Interfaces up, ping to something, …

  • Make  sure the isp did not reset your modem to router mode, thats what happened  once to me and it defaulted on the same address I am using on pfsense

  • Interfaces are up, but i'm unable to ping the lan interface. I will check, if i can ping something from the pfsense itself via IPMI.

    My modem is running in modem mode, the working mode was not reset by my ISP

  • Do you have console access to the box?  What do you see when it goes down?

    I also have to give a +1 to Chrismallia's response.  I've had ISPs reset modems on the backend for whatever reason and have had very similar problems.  They swear they didn't make any changes but obviously something happens.  A state or route opens and suddenly the router has no idea how to pass the traffic since both interfaces get the same IP subnet or think the subnet is passable on both sides.  When it happens you can try just unplugging the WAN port and then seeing if you have LAN traffic after a couple of minutes.  That'll help narrow that possibility down.

  • Now i have disconnected the modem from the pfsense and restarted the pfsense box. For some minutes i have access to the webgui, after a few minutes, it couldn't load pages from the webgui anymore. On the console of the pfsense i don't see anything…it seems that it is another problem.

  • I found the Problem, but it is very weird. After connecting the pfsense box not to my ups, and reinstalling pfsense completely and restore my backup, everything works. It seems to be a psu issue, which have caused the box to freeze, but i can't explain that…

  • Again the issue, here is the last thing what i see on the pfsense box. I have attached an Image.

  • I found out that Intel has huge problems with their C2000 Atom CPUs due to a bug with the B0 Stepping. As i'm using a Supermicro A1SRi-2758F, this could be the issue, but i don't know exactly. Can someone explain, if the error on the screenshot on my previous post could be related to this?